What we do ➔ Our work begins with understanding. We ask many questions and listen carefully. This is exactly how Nord Nord conceptualises, designs and produces animation, film and mix media from the idea to the finalised, moving images - in every format, for all media and all displays.

Who we are ➔ Nord Nord is a motion design studio from Hannover that consists of a widely branched network of talents, experts and nerds. Creative director Jonathan Winkler assembles the best team for every project.

How we work ➔ Nord Nord believes in the intersection of creative ideas and specialised craftsmanship. This is how our films become extra bold or ultra fine, detailed or reduced in detail. Nord Nord is flexible. We support isolated steps of a production or go the whole way together.

For whom ➔ Nord Nord helps brands and people to express their identity through moving images and to communicate. We make films to tell a story, launch a product to the world, express a feeling or spread a message. We make ideas visible.



  • Axel Bosse
  • Celonis
  • Comicfestival Hamburg
  • Compagnie Fredeweß
  • Freies Theater Hannover
  • Hochschule Hannover
  • Jünglinge Film
  • Klarna
  • Niedersächsischer Medienpreis
  • Project Mooncircle
  • RSW Produktdesign
  • Science Museum London
  • Sony Music
  • Sprengel Young Circle
  • Turnland Records