Celonis – Process Mining

How do you show invisible, digital processes? How do you make something highly complex comprehensible?

Our client Celonis specialises in identifying and optimising the inefficiencies deep within its clients' processes. This untangles knots and simplifies complexities.

In order to do justice to this core idea, we reduce the images in the visualisation to such an extent that the concept crystallises in its minimalist expression.

From the development of a comprehensive visual language for moving images to the finished explainer video of the of razor-sharp "process mining". With the simplest of tools, reduced to point, line and typography, the film underlines the explanatory text and brings it to life.

The concept overcomes opposites: The intangible becomes tangible through speed, elegance and a precise choreography of details. Complex technology becomes comprehensible and leads to a new understanding.

Through this approach, we learn a lot about the relationship between first idea and final execution.

Together with Celonis, we work to give form to abstraction and make it understandable.

➔ For Celonis ➔ For explanation of process mining ➔ Published 2022 hier: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JV8DVqCijiU

➔ Directed by: Jonathan Winkler ➔ Production: Nord Nord ➔ Graphic Design: ItYt ➔ Sound Design: Torsten Strer