Sprengel tanzt

Movements in interaction. Dance and motion design in one space.

For the event Sprengel tanzt of the Freunde des Sprengel Museum Hannover/Sprengel Young Circle we conceptualized and designed a stage projection together with Christian Vukomanovic.

Our animations for the LED walls are based on Christian Vukomanovic's event design. The result is an exciting contrast of hypnotic, driving and hectic moments. Experimental visual worlds of patterns and typography, in which people move in interaction with art, light and music. To the rhythm, in the night, in the museum.

➔ Sprengel Young Circle (LINK) ➔ Stage projection ➔ Shown on 13.5.22 here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lvshAezeyDo

➔ Visual Identity & Graphic Design: Christian Vukomanovic ➔ Motion Design: Nord Nord ➔ Type: Diatype ➔ Event Footage: Nico Sobolewski