Crash Bang

What do feelings look like?

Compagnie Fredeweß stages the contemporary dance performance Crash Bang, in which they interpret the emotions love, anger and easy together with young adult dancers.

A thousand questions arise. Movements find answers.

So, what do we feel when we work together with Bureau Bordeaux on visual possibilities to interpret these emotions as projections for the stage?

The finished work is complex and consists of three parts. For each of the three emotions, there is a composite collage consisting of isolated aspects of the respective emotion, which together write the big words of the emotional world into the stage production. Simple comics, complex impressions, micro-emotions translate what is set into motion inside of us into visual elements.

Nord Nord, together with Bureau Bordeaux and the illustrator Benjamin Behrendt, goes through a process of association and condensation and emerges changed.

➔ For Compagnie Fredeweß ➔ As stage projections of the dance performance Crash Bang ➔ Published November 2019 here: https://www.compagnie-fredewess.de/stuecke/

➔ Concept & Art Direction by: Nord Nord, Bureau Bordeaux ➔ Animation: Jonathan Winkler ➔ Illustration: Benjamin Behrendt

Hans Fredeweß, Sakurako Awano &
Camilla Fiumara

Easy Y

Love O

Anger N